ColorFabb Blue Grey PLA/PHA 1.75mm Filament

ColorFabb Blue Grey PLA/PHA 1.75mm Filament

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Hi quality PLA filament from ColorFabb in the Netherlands.  A Blue Grey PLA suitable for most 3D printers and 3D pens working with 1.75mm filament. Each spool is well embalaged in vacuum to conceil a fresh filament.

Blue Grey
1.75 mm
195 - 220 °C
50 - 60 °C


PLA (polylactide) is a fully biodegradable and bioactive thermoplastic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch and sugarcane. A first choice for all 3D geeks. PLA is a good first choice for all kinds of prints.  In the vacuum packaging there is also a silica bag to reduce moisture. We recommend storing the spool in a dry place, not to hot. See more under care advice.

Colorfabb developed its own unique blend of PLA/PHA which results in a tougher and less brittle PLA 3D printing filament. PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) is like PLA a bio-polyester, so our unique blend is still 100% biodegradeable. This material is available in a huge variety of colors where Blue Greyis just one of them.

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