Frequently Asked Questions

but first a useful video from our friend Tom:

Q1. What is the shipping cost?

A1. Dependent of weight, from 19kr up to max 99kr. Free over 1500kr. 

Q2. Delivery time?

A2. We ship fast! We use PostNord for most packages. From 1-2 days for lighter packages, up to 2-3 days for larger packages from 3kg. Sometimes we use Schenker for larger packages.

Q3. Recommended printing temperature for the PLASTVERKSTAN filament?

A3. Yes, if you get too much threading or the filament looks a bitt bubble-filled, you are probably using too much heat. Try to print within 185-200 degrees, rather than above 210 degrees Celcius. At least for us it works better. If you are increasing the speed of your prints, if you are printing with 190 degrees in 100 percent speed, you can try to increase up to 200 if you run at 150% speed. But if you want the best possible quality of your prints, you can also try to lower the speed instead.

Q4. Why do I get 3-5 mails for one order?

A4. Our cooperation with Svea Ekonomi is that we are using their checkout-plugin, and since they want it to be as safe as possible, it checks a lot of things over and over, and the webshop connections sometimes sends out too much mail. But, don't worry, we will only get one order from you. Ignore the duplicated mails. This is something we are working on the reduce them to just the necessary onces.

Q5. My filament is brittle, it breaks/snaps. What should I do?

A5. It's normal that the outer most part of the filament 5-10 (sometimes up to 20cm) is very brittle/fragile. But if you scrap that part, it should be much stronger after that. Please note that filament don't like moisture, and you should keep your filament dry, and not too warm. Especially Transparent filaments seems to be extra brittle by nature.

Q6. Gold filament don't look like real gold?

A6. It is plastic, but we agree, some plastic don't look like the real thing. However, you can try to lower the temperature and printing speed to get more of the sparkling left on the printed surface.

Do you have more questions? Just send them to us! More to come...